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MonTier Service Center / IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard

TutIT Soft is proud to be a distributor of MonTier Service Center (MSC) and a reseller of IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard (DPOD) - centralized troubleshooting and monitoring tools for IBM DataPower devices.

MSC / DPOD are affordable, non-intrusive, completely asynchronous, and highly scalable tools for the centralized monitoring and troubleshooting of all your DataPower devices. They are designed to solve real-world problems defined by DataPower experts in concert with customer input and requirements.

MSC / DPOD enable you to gain real-time visibility of DataPower operational and performance aspects as well as statistics, historical analysis, trends, alerts, reports, and more. With the ability to drill-down to the detailed logs of every transaction and follow cross-device transactions, MSC / DPOD give you a comprehensive overview of all your DataPower devices.

Features Overview
The product is constantly added with new features. Whether you are familiar with them or want to get to know the products, take a look at this short video for a quick features overview.


Back-end latency issue
The product is very effective at troubleshooting service latency and SLA fulfillment. This video is an example of troubleshooting a latency issue caused by a back-end server.

Side-call latency issue
Side-calls latency issues are important for troubleshooting as they are included in the gateway's request or response processing. This video is an example of troubleshooting a latency issued caused by a side-call.

API Connect® Integration
The product's unique integration with API Connect® makes it the best tool for troubleshooting and assiting development of APIs.

Firmware Upgrade
The product offer firmware upgrade plans for DataPower appliances. This video is an overview of this feature.

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